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Work Injury Compensation Insurance

In accordance with Section 23(1) of The Work Injury Compensation Act, it is compulsory for an employer to insure his employees against work related injury arising out of and in the course of employment.

Employees that require compulsory cover are:

  • All employees doing non-manual work, earning less than S$1,600/month.
  • All employees doing manual work regardless of their monthly earnings.

However, employers may choose to insure all their employees to protect themselves from any liability that may arise. Note that in the event of a valid claim, employers are required to compensate the injured employee regardless of whether they are insured.

The Work Injury Compensation Insurance covers the liability of employer to pay compensation to their employees who have suffered work related injury, occupational illness or disease in accordance with the Work Injury Compensation Act.  The policy will also provide a common law limit of up to S$10,000,000 should an injured employee files a civil suit against the employer under common law for damages.

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Work Injury Compensation Insurance