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Professional Liability Insurance

Errors and omissions can happen at times even by an experienced professional. A mistake may cause a business to suffer financial loss from hefty legal fees and compensations. Professional Indemnity Insurance can protect your business as well as your employees against an allegation of negligence, error or omission from a third party when rendering your Professional Service.

Do you need Professional Liability Insurance?

Your business may require professional indemnity insurance if:

  • It provides advice/professional service to clients
  • It handles confidential information
  • It uses copyrighted material or intellectual property belonging to others
  • You belong to a professional body where Professional Indemnity insurance is compulsory
  • A client requires your business to be insured for professional indemnity insurance before awarding you a contract

Who needs Professional Liability Insurance?

  • Accountants/Auditors
  • Architects
  • Designers (web designers, graphic designers and interior designers)
  • Engineers & other construction-related professionals
  • Employment Agencies
  • IT /Technology consultants
  • Management / Business / Human Resource consultants
  • Multimedia companies
  • Doctors, Surgeons, TCMs & other medical providers
  • Marketing Researchers
  • Others

What does Professional Liability Insurance covers?

  • Any actual or alleged breach of duty
  • Negligent act, error, omission or misstatement
  • Breach of Confidentiality
  • Defamation
  • Intellectual Property Rights Infringement
  • Loss of Documents
  • Dishonesty of Employees
  • Defence Costs
  • Court Attendance Costs
  • Public Relations

Why should I buy insurance from ALLEGIANCE?

In an environment of increased responsibility and accountability, professional liability insurance is becoming an essential tool of risk management for many professionals, allowing you to operate confidently and with the knowledge that your risk exposures are covered.

If your business entails exposing the public to risk, you should be looking at Public Liability Insurance instead.

At ALLEGIANCE, we ask the right questions to identify your risks accurately, ensuring you get the right protection.

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