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Commercial Insurance

General Liability

Whether it is Comprehensive General Liability or Commercial General Liability or simply, General Liability, the fact is that it describes essentially same protection.

This policy can protect your business against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage arising out of premises, business operations, products, completed operations; and advertising and personal injury liability. The indemnity provided by a liability policy will help your business meet the costs of legal defence and damages awarded if you are found liable. For example, if someone gets hurt at your place of business, or there is property damage or injuries caused by you or your employees.

If you are a commercial tenant, you can rely on General Liability insurance to protect you from any liability as a tenant if you cause damage to the property you rent, such as by fire. General liability can also cover claims of false or misleading advertising, including slander, libel and copyright infringement.

It is also a common practice for clients to require their vendors/contractors to have Comprehensive General Liability insurance before awarding them the contract.

Claim Scenario:

A renovation contractor was engaged for the interior renovation works of a residence. Part of the works involve designing & installing carpentry shelving for storage of AV entertainment system. 2 weeks after the project is completed, the built-in shelves buckled as it could not withstand the weight of the AV system, breaking all the owner’s expensive equipment costing $30,000. The client threatens legal action, alleging that their works damaged his property.

If proven liable, the Commercial General Liability policy will pay for the contractor’s legal defence cost as well as claim settlement.

A construction company will need a largely different CGL policy than a training consultancy just as a renovation contractor needs a different policy than a restaurant.

Because of the wide range of exclusions and policy limits in a commercial general liability policy, give us a call at 6238 3616 or email to find out exactly the coverage you need.